UQBTLAB.ORG is the research entity for art, science and technology proposing LASER Nomad, which is part of LASER Art and science rendez-vous talks.

UQBTLAB.ORG produce art and science research and actively collaborates with several partners worldwide (e.g. University of Cape Town, Federal University of Pernambuco,  Federal University of Bahia, University of Porto, Factory Berlin, Club 44 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Universitat Polytecnica de Valencia). Moreover, podcasts includes major artists.

The project is born during the scientific delirium madness residency in July 2015 at Djerassi Foundation, San Francisco, while Luca Forcucci was invited to be. The idea resides in the development of discussions, seminars, festivals, conferences and interviews between artists and scientists in various geographical nodes, in order to establish on the long-term a global interconnected dynamic lab to share and decolonise knowledge. We will engage with communities and break barriers between academic, independent art space and institutions.

Since 2006, Forcucci conducts research and collaborate with scientists in the fields of neuroscience, perception, biology and music technology worldwide. Therefore the idea of a nomad collaborative research facility for art, science and technology​ emerged.